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Consultancy & Guarantees

As consultants we work with preciseness to improve or identify the equipment that best suits your medical field and practice. Among our products, you will find the finest Radiology, Urology, Vascular, Cardiology, OB / GYN, Anesthesia, Musculoskeletal, Emergency, Women’s Health, Neurology,  and overall Radiology equipment.


We are licensed providers, fully authorized and offering manufacturer’s guarantees. We also work as consultants to improve or identify the equipment that best suits your medical field and practice.


Some of our products include brands such as Alpinion Ecube Series, Compumedics DWL & Siemens, to cater to needs of general practitioners, OB/GYNs and radiologists.


Evaluation and technical support


Client trust is the core of our business, therefore we maintain a high standard upon technical support, contracting and product acquisition from the very beginning of the purchase to the on-going maintenance. Our 24/7 technical support program guarantee services, making it our strong hold with customers.




Equipment Repairs

Guarantee, Equipment Inspection and Preventive Maintenance


Our commitment to service is it’s guarantee: Our maintenance contracts ensure a long term satisfaction, service and technical support during and after the acquisition of the equipment.



Fast delivery: In most of the equipment including peripherals and transducers are available within 30 days. We guarantee the shipping of the equipment as ordered.



Maintenance: Our service contracts make sure of long term satisfaction.


Service contracts, parts & accessories


A service that brings trust


Service during and afterwards the acquisition: Our engineering crew service allow us to guarantee an excellent time response and exceed the expectations of performance in the manufacture.


Satisfaction guaranteed before finalizing the transaction: We guarantee equipment delivery according to what was ordered

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